Twas The Night Before Product Launch It’s Christmas time once again! For many marketers and business owners, it’s a busy time spent connecting with consumers and offering special pricing. But,

Naughty or Nice: Marketing Edition It’s the end of the year and time to evaluate our marketing efforts. Check below to see if you made Marketing Santa’s naughty or nice

Marketing Superstitions That Just “Ain’t The Way”

Happy Friday the 13th, Mettlers! In addition to avoiding walking under ladders, crossing black cats and breaking mirrors, you should also take these wise words of Stevie Wonder to heart:

Movember v. No Shave November

November is here and men everywhere are throwing away their razors and gearing up to let it grow. To some, it’s known as No Shave November; to others, it’s known

11 Public Relations Tactics We Can Learn from the Presidential Debate

  Wednesday night, the Republican candidates faced off in their second round of debates. During the three-hour showdown, we learned quite a bit about the candidates of the Republican Party,